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Charlotte NC Hardwood Tree Identification

Charlotte Firewood- Cut Ash Hardwood / Mark's Firewood
Posted by on June 22, 2014

For the do-it-yourself people out there here is a little information about the five types of hardwood Mark’s Firewood uses most often and some pictures to help you identify them just in case you have any of these trees taken down on your property or you interested in splitting your own firewood. You could even just be looking for some quality trees to plant around your home. So here is our list:

Oak- (Red & White)

Oak, both the red and white variety are very common all over the south east. It is a very hardy tree that grows easily in many climates even in urban areas. They can grow to be 60 to 100 ft tall. They are very popular to use for woodworking and are commonly used for flooring, timber and furniture. The red oak gets its name from the deep red color the leaves turn in the fall.

Charlotte Firewood- Red Oak Bark

Read Oak Bark- Charlotte Firewood

Charlotte Firewood- Cut Red Oak

Red Oak Cut- Charlotte Firewood

Charlotte Firewood- White Oak

White Oak- Charlotte Firewood

Charlotte Firewood- Cut White Oak

White Oak Cut- Charlotte Firewood

Ash- (White Ash)

The white ash tree grows all over the eastern United States from Maine to Florida.  It grows to be anywhere from 50 to 80 feet high. The white ash is a easy to grow tree that grows very well in North Carolina soil. It is commonly use to make things like flooring, baseball bats, tool handles, and furniture.

Charlotte Firewood- Ash Hardwood / Mark's Firewood

Charlotte Firewood- Ash Hardwood

Charlotte Firewood- Cut Ash Hardwood / Mark's Firewood

Charlotte Firewood- Cut Ash Hardwood


The hickory tree has several different varieties that can all be found all over the eastern United States. the most common is the bitternut hickory, it is also the one we see the most of in North Carolina. It grows well in soil that is low in nutrients. It is a very hard and durable wood with many uses, it is used in furniture, tool handles, ladders, and is the wood of choice for smoking meats.

Charlotte Firewood- Hickory Hardwood Bark

Hickory Bark- Charlotte Firewood

Charlotte Firewood- Cut Hickory Hardwood

Hickory Cut- Charlotte Firewood

Poplar- (Yellow Poplar)

The yellow poplar tree grows all across the state of North Carolina but flourishes in the mountainous regions in the moist soils near streams. The poplar trees can grow to heights of over 110 feet tall with a trunk diameter up to five feet. The yellow poplar gets its name from the yellowish green color the heartwood of the tree gets as it matures. It is considered one of the most valuable hardwood trees in the state because it is light, soft and easy to work. its lumber is commonly used for interior trim, exterior trim, and chip boards.

Charlotte Firewood- Poplar Hardwood

Poplar Hardwood- Charlotte Firewood

If you have any questions about the article or would like to order some of our all hardwood seasoned firewood email us at or call 980.579.8655.


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