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How To Store Firewood

Posted by on June 22, 2015

Since it’s the middle of summer odds are good your not buring to much firewood right now. This makes it the perfect time to make sure everything is ready for this coming winter! One of the questions we get asked regualrly when we make deliveries is “How should I store firewood?” So weve decided to take a few minutes and answer this and a few other common questions about storing firewood!

Ways To Store Firewood
  • firewood rack is the most popular way to store firewood. Probably 70% of our clients use some kind of firewood rack to store their firewood. They do not have to be complicated to be effective! They can be as simple a two 2×4’s laid on the gorund. The more decorative firewood racks can be purchased at any major retailer.
  • You can stack your firewood between two trees. This is the second most popular method we see. It is essentially using nature as your firewood rack.
  • Stack the firewood in your garage. If you get your firewood from a reputable source that properly processes their firewood then your firewood should not be full of bugs and will be totally safe to stack in you garage.
Should I Cover My Firewood Stack

YES! Covering your firewood stack is a great idea. The advantages of keeping your firewood covered include:

  • Keeping your firewood from getting moldy. No one wants modly firewood, if your storage area stays damp after a rain and it is not covered then you could find mold and rot when you go to burn your firewood.
  • Your firewood is always dry and ready to burn. This may sound like a no brainer but can be terribly frustrating to want to have a fire and walk out to find a soaking wet stack that can take up to two or three days to dry back out.
What Not To Do

Do not throw your firewood into a pile and leave it that way on the ground! The pile method doesnt allow for good airflow round the wood which keeps your wood in the middle green. It encourages mold growth in the center of your pile because there is no way for light and air to dry the wood out. Since the firewood is sitting on the ground it will also begin to rot much much faster than wood that is properly stacked and covered.

If you have any questions about the article or would like to order some of our all hardwood seasoned firewood email us at or call 980.579.8655


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